Our Story


Melsinki started as the dream of a passionate Finnish textile designer. Loving all things bold and dramatic, inventive and cutting edge, Mia Thomas has funnelled her talents into this exotically beautiful collection of accessories.

Mia has spent her adult life living in diverse locations globally, which she uses to enhance her creations. She is the backbone of Melsinki. Her renowned global designs incorporate elements of city chic, urban glamour and contemporary style complimenting any successful individual. Letting your wardrobe encompass a piece of Melsinki will add style and class.

It’s all in the name

You may ask where the origins of the name ‘Melsinki’ lie. It’s derived from the two locations Mia holds dearest in her heart. The places she calls home are both Melbourne, Australia and Helsinki, Finland. While Mia is a native Finn, being born in Finland, she married an Australian and spent many years living in Melbourne. She draws a lot of design inspiration from these locations.

What’s important to Melsinki

Sourcing materials from socially responsible manufacturers is very important to Melsinki. Our state-of-the-art production processes utilise water based, non-toxic dyes and all excess materials are either reused as filler or recycled responsibly. Our fabrics are natural, top quality and sourced from responsible parties. Particular attention is given to supporting safe working environments and fair wages. Our factory is located in London, UK and supports the local community by sourcing most equipment and skilled technicians from the surrounding areas.

All this to provide you with a top quality, handmade product within 2-5 days from ordering!