​The Clutch – Standing the test of time

​The Clutch – Standing the test of time

Georgina Gaskin on 10th Feb 2021

As the temperatures are staying on the low side and we are excited about wearing jackets

and boots, there is one fashion feature that traverses all seasons, the clutch bag!

The clutch is truly a sign of elegance that a woman easily can add to any outfit in order

to up the sophistication level. As a huge fan of this humble accessory, I investigated the

origins of the design and was surprised by what I found.


This style of bag was invented back in the Victorian era, however, it was called a

reticule. Theses reticules were for proper ladies to carry their smelling salts and their

handkerchief, just in case a fainting spell came over them…more like they could not

breathe because their corsets were too tight!

They left the fashion scene for a while and made a come back during World War II.

During this era, the ladies wanted to retain their classy look, however, the materials

were not as readily available. This made the smaller clutch bag the perfect alternative to

a larger handbag.

Since then the clutch has kept in vogue and on-trend. It is the preferred accessory when

a lady wants to hold an air of elegance while attending an evening event.

What Defines a Clutch

A clutch is historically defined as a small flat bag without a handle. They are traditionally

thought as part of an evening outfit, however, ideas are changing. This summer saw

ladies unburden themselves from their heavy handbags and take up the easier and cuter

day clutch.

Technology is reducing the need to carry any more than your phone, credit card, and

lipstick, so what need is there for a large oversized bag. The smaller size and therefore

price tag enables us to have a clutch of every shape and colour. Co-ordinating bright

outfits and shoes with a beautiful clutch was all the rage.

Spring 2021

What is in store for us during winter 2020/2021 in the world of accessories? Well if you keep

an eye on the runways and fashion shows, clutch bags are everywhere. In a year where

pushing boundaries in colour and style is fashionable in itself, the clutch is ready to

stand up to the challenge.

The trend is for either a bright outfit with the bag and shoes melting into the background

in muted colours, alternately, fashionistas are choosing a muted outfit of browns, black

or peach. The feature is the bag and shoes which stand out in bright shades or

outstanding patterns.

As Diverse As You

No matter which way you choose to wear your clutch bags, you cannot go wrong with

the minimalist look. A clutch is always a winner, no matter the season, and when wound

into an outfit the wearer portrays a sophisticated and graceful image.

Grab one of the Melsinki range of leather clutch bags today and get ready to knock their

socks off with your individualism at your next corporate lunch or Sunday brunch with the