10 tips for taking care of your leather bag and accessories

10 tips for taking care of your leather bag and accessories

Melsinki on 7th Jul 2020

We all know leather is a stylish and durable material. Leather accessories can last you a lifetime if you show them some love. The better you look after your leather the longer it will last and the better it will look.

1. Protect your leather bag and accessories from the beginning

Prevention is the first step we can take on a journey of looking after our leather bag and accessories. Using leather protection spray as soon as you take your item home adds a protective barrier to leather that repels stains and moisture. Test this product first in an inconspicuous area to see if the finish darkens.

2. Take care of your leather items regularly

Looking after your leather items regularly helps them to look their best. Simply surface-wipe with a damp white cloth. Use mild soapy water if necessary. If the item needs a more thorough clean, consider taking it to a professional leather cleaner.

3. Only use special leather cleaning products or mild soap

To make sure your cleaning product and method match with your leather, test it out on a hidden spot first. Never use cleaning products with alcohol, baby wipes, vinegar or similar for cleaning. Many of these products have chemicals and substances in them that can cause discoloration and dry out leather.

4. Remove stains as soon as they appear

Always attend to stains as soon as possible in order to keep your leather accessories perfect. Remember to test the cleaning product on a hidden spot first to make sure it matches with your leather. After spot testing, carefully rub mild soap or leather cleanser onto your item with a damp paper towel or white cloth. Let the item sit for several seconds, then wipe it clean. Let it air dry afterwards. Use a leather conditioner to moisturize if needed.

5. Don’t let the leather to get too wet

Never allow water to soak into your leather. If the leather gets wet, dry it slowly at room temperature. Absorb as much water as possible with a microfiber towel and allow the bag to air dry. Drying the leather too quickly might cause cracks on it.

6. Keep leather items out of the sun

Avoid direct sunlight to prevent colour fading and damage to the leather. The sun will dry the leather out and cause it to become brittle. This can cause the leather to begin to crack and deteriorate.

7. Store your leather bag well when not in use

Keep your bag in a cool, dry place when not in use. Stuff it with bubble wrap or some old clothing and towels to help keep its shape. It is also a good idea to put a dust bag or pillow case over it to prevent any accidental scuffs and keep the dust of the bag.

8. Be aware of new denim jeans

Avoid wearing a light coloured leather bag, belt or wallet with new denim jeans. Light colour leather bag will get stained as easily as a chair or sofa you might sit on with the new pair of jeans. Dye transfer is one of the hardest stains to remove. Give your denim jeans a wash before use to prevent this from happening.

9. Keep cosmetics and pens inside a pouch

We have all had pen marks, make up stains or spilled water bottles in our bags. These can totally ruin your bag for good. Take time to put your make-up in a bag, cap all pens and check your water bottle before placing it inside the bag!

10. Be mindful where you place your bag

Think hard before placing your bag on a floor at the restaurant, bus stop, car floor etc. Same goes for wallets and clutches on a table. Make sure to check the surface is not too coarse or have stains that could mark your item. Remember also to avoid heaters and direct sunlight.

Take extra special care of your bag and leather accessories and enjoy them for years to come!